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website design services

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This site is devoted to inform Internet users and businessmen in particular about the Web design basic features and importance for a company's optimum economic development. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary knowledge to fully plan a Web design project, choosing the best options and harmonizing your task with the task of the professional you hire. In these times of maximum computerization and the height of mass media, staying outside Internet is falling off the map, being lost on an endless market. Unfortunately, most of the times the easily achieved tasks are done taking no interest in them. This is the case of Web pages: when somebody wants to create his company’s Web site, he calls a friend who knows something about design and does not bother. Most of the times, the result is an unattractive site, hard to go over, not very persuasive, very bad placed on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Msn, etc.) and having actual browsing difficulties. This happens because the Web site design is not ordered to the specialized professionals: creating a page is easy, what is difficult is to create it well: according to the company’s image, persuasive, well-placed on search engines, coherent, easy to browse and simple to be gone over. This page will try to clearly explain the importance of Web design and its basic features and foundations.

In each of the different sections we show, we take care of a particular topic, closely related to the site aim. We will begin with Web Design, a section devoted to the accurate definition of the activity and the listing of its general features. In Your site and the corporate identity, we will explain the important relation your Web site bears with your company’s image before the public’s eye and we will also deal with how an Internet site can change that image for good or bad. The section called Optimized Web design is the one dealing with the placing on the various search engines from the Web design perspective: prons and cons of using different design elements. Graphic Design and color change is a section showing the change undergone by the colors of the designs intended to be printed when they are used in digital format; for example, why your corporate Logo does not look the same on your personal cards and on your recent Web site. The section called Its importance on the market clearly refers to the Web design and it will deal with the way a good Internet site can exponentially increase your company’s sales. Finally, in Programming and design complement, we will briefly explain how this other discipline is an essential complement of Web design and who the people in charge of carrying out this type of job are.

We welcome you to this Web site about Web design. We hope that all the things shown here are very interesting for you. Thank you for choosing us.

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