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Web design uses items from graphic design to develop its projects. Being more accurate, there will be elements created by a graphic designer that a Web designer will use and put on the Web page ordered. In fact, the corporate Logo is an item created by a graphic designer and that will unavoidably be included in the company site. What happens, and that will be the topic of this section, is that the graphic designer creates an element (in this case, and hereinafter, corporate Logo) to be printed and thus applied to your personal cards, graphic advertisings, billboards, public highway boards, envelopes, catalogues and any other corporate identity component having a material support that needs to be printed.

So far, there does not seem to be any problem. What happens is that when we talk about a Web site, we are talking about a very important corporate identity component but it does not have a tangible material support to be printed such as paper and plastic, it has a digital support. What happens then with the designs intended to be printed? Firstly, we could answer that nothing happens: that, since the designs are made on the computer and they have a digital support in themselves, they could be used on a site without major trouble. We must remember that, although designs made by graphic designers are intended to be printed, they are also produced in computers. However, and being more accurate, we must admit that there is a difficulty in this sense. Designs made to be printed are made on the computer, as we have said before, and that is why they are created from colors reproduced by the monitor. Monitors and television sets reproduce colors belonging to the color palette called RGB (red, green and blue) while all type of printers print colors derived from the CMYK palette (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). The issue is that RGB color palette is wider than the CMYK one. This means that there are RGB colors that do not exist on CMYK. Then, how does the designer work knowing that what he may not be able to print what he sees on his computer? When making the designs, colors are transformed and one palette is brought closer to the other: the designer uses RGB colors that can be reproduced by CMYK or that, at least, can be similarly reproduced.

Now, that is the only possible solution to this problem, there is no other one: huge multinational corporations such as Coca Cola must be subject to this chromatic variation because there is no other way to do it. That is to say, if you look carefully, you will notice a minimum difference between the Coca Cola Logo colors on its Internet page or a television ad and the colors of the Logo printed on the bottle or any advertising made on paper.

When placing the corporate Logo on the company site, you should decide if you want to use RGB colors and not attach importance to the printed material or attach importance to it and find colors from that palette close to the ones that can be printed. This decision should not worry you for a long time since it is not that important, although our duty is to warn you. Our suggestion is that you do what you wish as long as the difference in color is not too striking. Anyway, it is always advisable to carefully listen to the designer’s suggestions and not to think you can disregard them because you have read something on the Internet. The designer will advise you what he considers best, having a broader knowledge on the topic and with the advantage of being familiar with the case in particular.

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