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The importance of an Internet site is based, commercially, on its advertising function and its selling function. Both functions will be explained in this section. Web design is the activity corresponding to your site development: a graphic designer, a programmer, a SEO, a friend who knows something should not be in charge of the page design. We consider it important to make it clear here because the reader may be tempted to think that the business benefits of a site are acquired through any site and that is not true: only the professionally developed pages can provide these advantages.

The advertising importance a site bears on the Web is unbelievable. Lately, people have incorporated Internet as the preferred communication means and this acquires a very interesting advertising feature because it is supported by advertisings. We have already spoken in other sections about the advertising importance of a site as such, about the benefit of a good placing on search engines and the very important representation and presentation of the company it makes. This time we will talk about the importance of a site but approaching it from a different perspective. Internet sites are hosted on a physical place, on real computers, they do not fly on the air. These computers are called servers and they charge a certain amount of money for their services. However, many servers do not charge anything to those willing to host their site on them, but in return for the hosting they place advertising on the hosted page. You can post an ad on these pages. You can also advertise on Webmails. Webmails are free e-mail accounts offered for instance by Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. Nevertheless, advertising on these sites is usually very expensive. A very convenient advertising option is Google. Google offers two basic ways of investing money in advertising: sponsored links and adwords. Sponsored links make your site appear first and highlighted in a stronger blue as an answer to a certain search. Adwords allow you to advertise your site on thematic pages dealing with the topic related to your company. The options exposed here are a very good way of working with advertising on the Internet. But we must know that in all cases when the user clicks on your ad, he is led to your site. That means that if your site does not fulfil the expectations, you will not gain great benefits from advertising everywhere.

The selling importance of a Web page is acquired asking the Web designer to develop an e-commerce site. These sites are much more expensive that standard ones but they are undoubtedly more profitable. E-commerce sites are those allowing to buy on line. The typical configuration of these pages is a display of all products and services together with a link that, when being opened, gives more information on the corresponding item. At the same time, items will have two boxes to write on: in one box, you can check or not to state that you want that item or not and in the other you can state the number of units wanted, in case you want to buy the product. Other typical item of these sites is the shopping cart. You can go into it to check what you have bought and how many items. When completing the purchase, you go into the shopping cart and accept the order. Then, the credit card number and some personal information are entered. Companies wishing to have this type of Web page must guarantee the user that their information will not be stolen and that is why you should invest in site security. To avoid fraudulent uses of data, some e-commerce pages require user name and password; without them, the purchase cannot be carried out. Security is as important for customer as it is for the company, since a fraudulent use of a person's data can harm him very much, as any unpaid false purchase will also harm the company.

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