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Placing a Web site on the Net is not at all enough. In fact, doing it just like that is an irresponsible and deficient strategy. When a Web page is ready to be uploaded to the Internet, it is time to get in touch with a SEO. The SEO (Search Engines Optimizer) is the person in charge of placing your site on the Internet. Speaking more strictly, placing your site on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, etc. Not being placed on a search engine means for a page being lost on the ocean of offers existing on the Internet. You should take into account that the sites existing today on the Internet are not thousands, not thousands of thousands, but millions and millions, and this is not a simple rivalry.

But why being well-placed on a search engine is important? Ninety per cent of the cases, people do not know or do not remember the address of the page they wish to visit. An even more: most of the times, people do not know what page they want to visit but they just know the topic they want to get information about, the product they want to buy or the service they want to hire. Then, what the users do is going to a search engine and searching what sites deal with a certain topic, what companies sell a certain product or what companies provide a certain service. Since this mechanism is the same everywhere, in most of the cases, around 80% of the visits a site has come from search engines. That is why it is so important to carry out an appropriate search engine placing so that your site appears in the first positions answering a certain search such as your company’s name, the products you sell, the field you belong to, etc. The rule is the more specific the search, the easier it will be to place it.

In order to carry out the search engine placing task, the SEO should work in three different ways: with the design, with the code and as public relations specialist of the site. As public relations specialist, the SEO will look for links from and to other sites with the aim of achieving a better placing of the site being worked on. As regards page code treatment, the SEO will be telling the programmer what type of finishing touches or changes are convenient to climb some positions. The work carried out by the SEO together with the programmer responds to the changes made on the design. And finally the issue we are interested in here, the work with the design. A Web site design must stay within certain parameters to keep with the other corporate identity components, as we have said before. What we have not said is that there is something called Optimized Web Design, that is a Web site reformulation so that it is better placed on the search engines. A site design optimization will not distort it, but it will make the necessary final touches to achieve its aim, but always respecting the original design. It is important to know that, unless it is an exceptional circumstance in which the site design is actually a disaster, the SEO should not make any changes distorting the image of the company represented by the Web site being worked on.

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