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Web design services
Web site design service

Web design service

Web site design services



website design services

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website design



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website services

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Web design takes care of a site graphic design; that is to say, of its visual composition. With the various tools he has and the instructions he gets from the customer, a Web designer sets an Internet page appearance. However, the designer, strictly, does not create a Web site, only its appearance. The person in charge of making the Internet page appearance work as such is the programmer. The programmer is an essential link when creating a site, without him the page will not exist and it will be just a graphic file. The programmer’s function is to translate images to HTML code so that they are always displayed in the same way and they are functional. Since all computers in the world interpret the HTML code in the same way, there will not be any problems with the site display if the translation to that programming language has been appropriate. As regards site functionality, what happens is the following, taking for example page buttons. All Internet pages have buttons taking us from one section to the other. When being designed, these buttons are just images with features identical to the others: the only thing you can do with them is seeing them. Then, the programmer cuts them in a certain way and programs them so that when somebody clicks with his mouse on them, they will lead him to the corresponding section. The programmer brings the site into life, making it work.

There are some Web design programs automatically translating images to HTML code. The problem with these automatic codes is that they usually have errors making browsing difficult, there are usually very “dirty” (too loaded, repetitive and not very neat) and hard to read by search engine robots. The browsing problems posed by these self-generated codes can cause that parts of your page are not appropriately displayed or not displayed at all. It may also happen that some of the site functions do not work properly. On the other hand, “dirty” codes are very hard to read by the search engine robots because they index and organize pages on the Net. If these robots have trouble when reading your site code, this will have a bad place on the search engine results or it may not be even indexed by search engines. If your site is not indexed (added to the list of sites the search engine has a possible answer to certain search), nobody will ever find you searching on a search engine.

The programmer carries out his task after the designer has completed his job. Under no circumstances can you do without the programmer to reduce costs: remember that without his work your page will not be such. An appropriate Web development must have a good designer and a good programmer. As far as possible, it will be convenient to hire a designer and a programmer that know each other and that usually work together so that the relation is more efficient and achieves a better result. Very probably, you will choose to hire a company developing Web sites and it will provide you with both the designers and the programmers and, eventually, the SEO. As regards the SEO, we have previously talked about him in another section and we recommend you to visit it. The section is called Optimized Web Design. The task of the SEO is complementary to the work of the programmer and the designer and he works in relation to them. In recent years, the work of the SEO has moved from being a somewhat superfluous job to an almost indispensable job to make a site efficient.

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